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Distraction Pouch

Molle, Holds a distraction device or an OC spray canister.

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Product Options

  • Made of black Cordura, polyester webbing, strong press domes and velcro. The flap is adjustable to position the item in an easy accessable position when taking it out. Flap is held closed with velcro. 
  • Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 pouches
  • Please note the 4 pouch is vertically mounting to fit on the vest comfortably.
  • Dimensions;single pouch, length 100mm, width 60mm, depth 40mm.
  • double, length 100mm, width 120mm, depth 40mm.
  • triple, length 100mm, width 160mm, depth 40mm.
  • four, lenth 100mm, width 230mm, depth 40mm.

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