Gas Mask Bag

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Gas Mask bag that is attached to your duty or trouser belt by a 50mm piece of webbing that is locked on with velcro. Its length is adjustable by a 50mm velcro strap with a 50mm side release buckle so you can take the bag off, leaving the belt strap still done up. The strap that  goes around your leg is 38 mm webbing with a piece of elastic to make the strap comfortable to wear. It is also adjustable for different size legs. To stop the strap from moving around it has velcro that connects to three webbing straps. The bag flap has Velcro with three press domes for added security. It is made of Cordura, polyester webbing, velcro, elastic, side release buckles and press domes. Dimensions; length 220mm, width 180mm, depth 100mm at the top tapering down to 70mm at the base.